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About Us

signage-design-drawingFirst Images is a product of 30 years of custom engineering design and fabrication in a full array of business, institutional and academic projects. We use this experience to provide innovative and creative branding by focusing our resources on areas we do best, understanding our client needs.

Our strength is the creative application of architectural signage to provide a distinctive face to the public for our clients, literally their "first image". To accomplish this we offer a full range of capabilities to produce and install identification signs, directories, wayfinding and ADA compliant office signs. We primarily service the New England area although our work is in London, Beijing and Singapore.

The duration of our business relationships is measured in decades, a testament to our service and strong project management. Our staff understands the importance of client support and follow through.

We help businesses large and small, organizations including health and institutional which need options, innovations, suggestions and problem solving.