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The process of a successful sign program
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A successful sign program is a result of a good design and good planning plus control of cost and schedule. The simplest sign requirement may need no more than a shop drawing and end date. Larger programs requiring a full complement of directories, wayfinding and ADA signage may use all or a combination of the following steps:

Sign Program ProcessPlanning

  • Develop scope of work and design criteria
  • Determine schedule and budget


  • Review existing plans
  • Assign sign types and prepare sign message schedule

Schematic Design Phase

  • Rough out "look and feel" options that satisfy design criteria
  • Discuss refinement and modify as required
  • Present schematic design

Design Development Stage

  • Modify design as necessary
  • Present design developed
  • Finalize sign message schedule
  • Provide samples (mock-ups) to illustrate concept

Construction Document Phase

  • Prepare final budget based on approval
  • Submit text proofs to insure message accuracy
  • Provide complete site plan/elevation detail for installing
  • Document sign details and product specifications
  • Provide client/user with form to order follow-on signs


  • Itemize production milestones
  • Build in accordance with design requirements
  • Monitor schedule


  • Plan assembly steps to minimize on-site work
  • Establish work schedule to limit on-site disruptions
  • Provide all permits required

Project Support and Documentation

  • Finalize "as built" drawings
  • Maintain records for replacement parts